Rock Pigeon

Columba livia

Rock Pigeon photo
Citation: Marin Audubon Society

Rock pigeons (or rock doves) are one of the most commonly seen birds in the world. Their subspecies, Feral Pigeons, are common birds in cities and highly populated areas where they gather in large flocks. They have often been domesticated and due to their homing instincts, used as carriers. Wild Rock Pigeons can be found in mountains and less populated suburban areas, and tend to be more solitary.

Appearance: Blue-grey colored body with two black bands across the wings, red feet, black tail and orange eyes.

Size: Large Songbird Size (10-13 inches)

Diet: Mainly seeds and fruits, but also littered food.

Habitat: Urban/Suburban Areas, Grasslands, Mountains, Deserts

Range: Seen across the world, mostly in urban areas